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Ghosts of WIP Past, Present and Future

October 3, 2019

Happy 5th anniversary to the Windows Insider Program! In honor of this celebration, we’re bringing you a special super-episode that journeys through the years. Think of it as our version of The Christmas Carol. 

First, we’re joined by Brandon LeBlanc of the Windows Insider Program, who helps us take a look back at where the program started and how far it’s come. Then, Amanda Langowski from flighting joins us as the ghost of WIP present to take about the current state of the program. And finally, Windows Insider and .NET developer Jeremy Sinclair joins us as the ghost of WIP future to talk about what’s next.  

Join our host Jason Howard as he proves he has a heart and gives thanks for all our Insiders! 

Windows Insider Podcast Episode 24


JASON HOWARD: Welcome to the Windows Insider Podcast where leaders from Microsoft and Windows Insider discuss tech trends, careers, and innovation. I'm your host, Jason Howard.

This is Episode 24: Ghosts of WIP Past, Present, and Future.

But first, if you're not yet a Windows Insider, head over to the Windows Insider website, insider.windows.com, and register for free. Insiders get access to upcoming Windows features before they're released to the public, plus exclusive opportunities to experience all Microsoft has to offer. All right, on to the show.

Let's kick this episode off by saying happy 5th anniversary to the Windows Insider Program. In honor of this exciting birthday, we've put together a special super episode, and by super, I mean both content and length.

Our special guests will be taking us on a journey through the years with the Windows Insider Program. Think of it as our version of “A Christmas Carol.”

First, we will be joined by a familiar face, Brandon LeBlanc, to take a look at the history of the program and how it has evolved over the past five years. Then, we'll talk to Amanda Langowski, who will walk us through the present state of the Insider program and preview builds.

And finally, we will look out to the future of the program which we see as you, the Insiders. One of our many outstanding Insiders, Jeremy Sinclair, will be joining us to talk about how he makes the most of the program and what he thinks the bright future of the Windows Insider Program and Windows 10 looks like.