The Windows Insider Feedback Leaderboard—October 2018

Every day, Windows Insiders like you help make Windows even better. Whether it’s a brilliant suggestion for a new feature — or an insight into how we can make existing features even better — we are continually impressed with your feedback.

Now we’d like to send a little recognition your way — with our new Windows Insider Leaderboard. This leaderboard recognizes top Insiders who have been particularly active on the Windows Insiders Feedback Hub in October.

For our Leaderboard, we created three categories: two are based on the number of feedback posts either created or upvoted; and one is based on the number of quests completed. For each category, we also wanted to recognize specific types of feedback, which we detail below.

If you see your name on the Leaderboard, and you’d like to be recognized more publicly, drop us an email at so we can learn more about your story.

For all you other amazing Insiders, keep that feedback coming. Chances are, you might well see your name on our Insider Leaderboard in the future.

Most Fixes = most Feedback Hub posts resulting in a fix to Windows Most Bugs = most Feedback Hub posts promoted to a bug for review by our engineers Most Repro Logs = most Feedback Hub posts with repro logs attached. (the more details we get, the better!)
1. hao C 1. Viktor K 1. Kouji T
2. Susan B 2. hao C 2. samuel m
3. Sherry M 3. James V 3. C.P. O
4. Florian K 4. Jamar A 4. Southern Wish
5. Sean T 5. Alan D 5. Charles P
6. Alan D 6. Rodrigo M 6. Zaid M
7. Patrick M 7. UNC 7 7. B B
8. Kurt J 8. Wayne K 8. Viktor K
9. Hawley W 9. James R 9. David M
10. Vladislav D 10. Ludger K 10. Kazi R


Most Fixes = upvotes across the most Feedback Hub posts resulting in a fix to Windows Most bugs= upvotes across the most Feedback Hub posts promoted to a Bug for review by our engineers
1. Kouji T 1. Kouji T
2. John T 2. samuel m
3. Galang B 3. Galang B
4. samuel m 4. C.P. O
5. Richard H 5. John T
6. Thomas C 6. Edson G
7. Patrick M 7. 国晖刘
8. Noton R 8. Thorn H
9. John T 9. GZ W
10. Hans Petter G 10. Abhishek S


1. Luis Miguel L
2. James S
3. Jerzy K
4. Сергей Т
5. sea I
6. Marcus V
7. Lucien_N T
8. Plinio Marcos S
9. 林佳刘
10. Bernhard S