New 19H1 achievement badges

New achievement badges are now available for keeping your machine current with 19H1 Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds.

Examples of the five badges.

Unlock each one by updating your device with the number of builds needed for that achievement:

  • Flight Lieutenant – Flight one build
  • Flight Captain – Flight three builds
  • Flight Major – Flight seven builds
  • Flight Commander – Flight 17 builds
  • Build Monster – Flight 18+ builds

Badges are awarded weekly to Insiders. All Insider rings qualify, but the Fast and Slow ring builds will advance you to the next level of achievement.

These badges are a small token of our appreciation for your impact in ensuring we deliver a quality product that our customers will love.

Once you earn one of these achievements, you can view it by visiting the Feedback Hub > Profile > Achievements. We would also love to see you share each achievement on your social accounts by using the hashtag #Builds4Badges.

Be sure to continue updating your device to earn all five. Just go to Settings > Windows Insider Program to confirm that your device is set for Fast or Slow ring builds. Then head over to Settings > Windows Update and select Check for updates.

Thank you, Insiders, and keep flighting!