Kapil Arya


Danh mục MVP

2014 - 2017 Windows and Devices for IT2016 - present Windows Insider MVP

Sản phẩm/Công nghệ

Group Policy, Office 365

Ngôn ngữ

English, Hindi

Tiểu sử

Kapil is a passionate Windows blogger and he has great addiction with Microsoft technologies. He is currently a Microsoft MVP in Windows and Devices for IT expertise and a Windows Insider MVP. He writes at Kapil Sparksâ„¢, where he covers troubleshooting guides and how-to tutorials for Windows 10. He loves to help others by sharing his expertise knowledge for solving various issues related to Windows Desktop Experience. Apart from being MVP, he is accomplished as Microsoft Content Creator/Microsoft Community Contributor at official Microsoft forums for his consistent activity. You can meet him on all leading social networks.