Joris Brauns


Danh mục MVP

2016 Windows Development MVP2016 - present Windows Insider MVP

Sản phẩm/Công nghệ

Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio, Xamarin

Ngôn ngữ

Flemish (Dutch), English

Tiểu sử

Joris Brauns graduated in 2009 as a Software Engineer from CVO Antwerp-South (Belgium). By now, he has more than 8 years of professional developing experience. Both in 2016 and 2017, he earned a Microsoft MVP Award and Window Insider MVP Award. These days he spends most of his time mastering the modern HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript standard and the surrounding API's. He has a weak spot for C# and software architecture. Loves to work with front-end technologies such as JavaScript, Angular and TypeScript. Regarding mobile applications, he prefers to work with Xamarin. He combines these techniques with the power and beauty of the .NET Framework, Visual Studio Online and Azure as a Cloud service. He is also very interested in AI and Deep Learning. Joris Brauns puts a lot of energy in teaching others. Giving training and workshops is his thing. He believes that through teaching others one gets a more profound insight in new technologies. Recently, he started working for Crescendo - Artesis Plantijn Antwerp, Center for adult education.

Thông tin kỹ thuật

.NET Patterns and Best Practices Certification, .NET 4.5 C# Specialist Certification, HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 Specialist Certification, MCSD: Web Applications Solutions Developer Certification MVC 4 ASP.NET, Web Applications Certification