Alexander Benoit


Danh mục MVP

2019 to present Windows Insider MVP; Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP - current

Sản phẩm/Công nghệ

Microsoft Threat Protection, Windows, Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, Azure Advanced Threat Protection, Office365 Advanced Threat Protection, Cloud App Security, Azure Security Center

Ngôn ngữ

German, English

Tiểu sử

Alexander Benoit is Lead Security Analyst at sepago, where he manages and develops the consulting business with his team. His focus is on enterprise security and modern management for 10 years. He brings his everyday experience from the enterprise environment into the community actively. He is also MVP for Enterprise Security, a Certified Ethical Hacker, Windows Insider MVP and Community Lead of "Trust in Tech" and the host of GeekSprech Podcast.

Thông tin kỹ thuật

Certified Ethical Hacker