Grace Hopper Celebration Winners

The Windows Insider Women in Computing Award sends up to 10 college women majoring in computer science (or a related field) to Grace Hopper, one of the largest gatherings of women technologists in the world. Winners will receive a paid trip to Grace Hopper, followed by mentoring at Microsoft Headquarters.

Congratulations to this year’s winning entrants and a huge thank you to all of the amazing women who applied for this award. We are immensely proud to have received your applications and to know you are transforming the field of technology. Read more about the winners’ stories here.

2018 Winners

Cassandra Oduola

“My dream job is to be a top deep learning researcher...I want to impact the future by developing novel deep learning algorithms as well as doing side research in the area of Quantum AI.”...

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Chineye Emeghara

"My goals within computer science lie between creating a more welcoming space for black women of all ages, making strides to diminish ‘technological deficiency’ in developing countries, and overal...

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Daniela Alves Ridel

"I hope to create a system that can enable autonomous cars to estimate when a pedestrian is intending to cross a street. Being able to see your code running on a platform and seeing the results is ama...

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Elizabeth Lin

"The impact that I want to have on the field of computer science is to use machine learning to tackle medical risks."...

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Mónica Ceisel

"Coding is like a super power...In the field of computer science, I’d love to use this power to improve the way artists interact with their devices."...

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Pooja Nagpal

"I’ve always admired technology and its evolution. It can be the great equalizer, easing the life of many."...

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Rebecca Houston

"I believe that incredible things can happen if technology and patient care are able to be individualized for speech-language pathology patients with traumatic brain injuries or neurodegenerative dise...

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Shannen Bravo-Brown

"I want to use computer vision, Artificial Intelligence, and quantum computing to enable people to realize their full potential."...

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Veronica Lewis

“I want to help create a world where accessibility is integrated from the beginning and universal design practices are used to make technology accessible to everyone."...

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