Windows Insider Annual Survey 2019

A look back, a look ahead

Every year, we invite Windows Insiders to take our Annual Survey—one of our most important surveys of the year. This is the one we use to help guide planning and improvements across the entire program. It dives deep into what interests you as an Insider, what excites you about the program, and what you think we could do better.

Taking the survey takes about 15-20 minutes to complete—and we sincerely appreciate every minute our Insiders put into it. As a token of our appreciation, we offered Insiders this year a chance to win a $1500 gift card for completing the survey. We’re happy to announce that this year’s winner was JiangXi W. from China. Congrats to our winner! And a special thank you to everyone who participated. We hope to reward all Insiders with an even better program based on your feedback.

And that leads us to the results from the survey.

As usual, this year’s feedback was amazingly valuable, reflecting a wide range of interests and perspectives. Each year, we spend weeks pouring over this survey feedback and figuring out news ways to deliver on this feedback with new ideas and directions for the program. Here are just a few highlights from our 2019 survey:

  • You’re a diverse group.
    Insiders from 233 countries participated in the survey in multiple languages. This includes IT Pros, developers and everyday Windows fans. As with Windows itself, we do our best to support this diversity, including localized content (such as our feature highlights) and technical highlights for commercial customers. Going forward, we’ll also expand our coverage of Insider Preview features for more languages (see our recent updates for dictation and SwiftKey typing intelligence—and other feature highlights).
  • Most Insiders like the program.
    We’re proud to announce that over 90% of respondents told us that they were satisfied with the Windows Insider Program. Insiders were most satisfied with the frequency of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build releases. They also valued being part of the Windows Insider fan community. This is great news! We’ll continue to prioritize efforts to expand and enrich our Windows Insider Community forum, plus our Windows Insider space on the Microsoft Tech Community and our Twitter feed. At the same time, we will be driving to deliver more frequent builds in the Slow ring while also performance and stability that Insiders expect from these builds.
  • But we’ve still got work to do.
    As Insiders remind us, there’s always room for improvement. One of the top requests from the survey was for more learning materials around new features, tips and tricks. Earlier this year, we introduced a tips and tricks section to our monthly newsletter which draws from our Windows 10 Tips, our Microsoft Tips app plus specific tips related to Insider Preview build features. Based on feedback, we’ll continue to expand this section, with tips for both Windows and Windows preview features. We also plan to add more technical documentation for business-related features covered in our Windows Insider for Business Program.

This is only a small slice of the updates we have planned for the program over the next year and beyond, based on the survey and we’ll keep you posted along the way.

We look forward to your participation in next year’s survey. In the meantime, keep your feedback coming, whether it’s a program suggestion in our forums or a feature idea in the Feedback Hub. As always, we’ll be keeping an eye out for your suggestions.

Thanks for being a Windows Insider!