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Gregory Christopher Carmack

United States

Категории MVP

2010 - 2016 Windows Expert -Consumer MVP2016 - present Windows Insider MVP


Windows 7, Windows 10, Microsoft Office, Xbox, Windows Mobile




Retired Publisher, UCLA. A Windows installation hobby led me to residence 2009-2015 in what became the top tech forums, where I was the highest rated volunteer for six years. After moving to Microsoft Community for Windows 10 release, I handle a huge caseload troubleshooting Installation, Performance, Partitioning, Boot and Activation cases 6-8 hours per day, triage major issues threads to elevate trending issues to Windows Product Team and Support Managers, am active in the many MVP activities including the formation of Insider MVP program, travel every year to MVP Summit where I learn and contribute in many sessions. Presently I am engaged in an exciting trial to provide content to revolutionize AI in Community. I have an active fitness lifestyle, live in three cities, travel the world - all while maintaining a large caseload at all times because these are the things what I enjoy doing most in life.