Windows Insider Program Podcasts

The Windows Insider Team is taking to the airwaves to share all things Windows, Insider community, and beyond!

Spotlight on Microsoft Internships

agosto 10, 2017

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to intern at Microsoft? In this month’s episode of the Windows Insider podcast, we look at the intern experience from two perspectives. First, we sit down with Lauren Rosenberg, a double-major in computer science and astrophysics, to learn what it’s like being part of the Cloud and Enterprise team. Lauren was a Windows Insider in the fast ring before starting university, and the program helped propel her interest in working for Microsoft. We also talk to the Windows Insider engineering team’s own intern, Marissa Zhang. Marissa shares her behind-the-scenes perspective of the program and what she’s learned from the global community of Insiders.

Insiders Take the Wheel

julho 25, 2017

Insiders influence all that we do, so this month they are powering the Windows Insider podcast as we dive into themes of community and engagement. Listen as Dona Sarkar responds directly to questions from the Insider community on Twitter, along with giving us an exclusive first look at what’s next for the program (hint: it’s about building connections). Two long-time Insiders drive the second half of the episode when they interview Windows Insider MVP, Joel Rushworth, about engaging with friends and colleagues through the Windows Insider Program.

The Importance of Play

junho 28, 2017

This month on the Windows Insider Podcast, hear Kiki Wolfkill, the Studio Head for Transmedia at 343 Industries, and Dona Sarkar dissect how experiential gaming builds empathy, and learn life lessons from a third grader about how gamifying coding builds not only robots but friendships and newfound skills within immigrant communities.

Microsoft in Education

maio 26, 2017

On this week’s show, the Windows Education Marketing team describes what it takes to make technology more accessible for schools and more useful for today’s student – get an insider’s perspective into an event that launched a philosophy, not just a product. Keep listening to hear how Kayas Cultural College built a digital classroom using a fully Microsoft solution for distance learning in remote areas. From K-12 to adult education, join us for an episode In the Classroom.

The Down Under Episode

abril 24, 2017

In this Down Under episode of the Windows Insider podcast, listen in as Chief Ninja Cat, Dona Sarkar, and the Godfather of Windows Insider Program, Bill Karagounis, discuss updates coming out of Ignite Australia and ways our Insiders can become heroes of the digital transformation. Our next Aussie guest shares the origin story of Girl-germs, the name of her blog, and the value she finds as a member of the Insider community.

Insiders For Good

março 28, 2017

On this inaugural episode, host Thomas “Tomcat” Trombley explores how Insiders for Good helps people transform their passion for tech into their superpower. Dona Sarkar, Head of the Windows Insider Program and overall Renaissance woman, teaches us how to use technology for the betterment of humanity. Then hear from one of the 25 winners of the first Insiders for Good Fellowship about how he puts power into the hands of the people of Nigeria (solar power, that is).