So you want to be an IT hero?

You’ve got a brilliant IT idea that will make your organization more productive and better equipped to keep information secure. But what if your team is reluctant to change things up?

Your challenge is to make the business case for internal innovation. Take a tip from Windows Insider Jennifer Eimertenbrink, who says “Companies have to be innovative with not only their products, but also their IT systems to become a leader in their market.”

By communicating this viewpoint, Jennifer was able to convince a client, an industrial equipment manufacturing company, to integrate the Windows Insider Program for Business into its core processes. The company is now able to roll out new products that work seamlessly with upcoming Windows features, through participating in the Windows 10 Insider Preview builds.

When the company initially hired Jennifer, it simply wanted help updating to Windows 10 and Office 2016. “They said, ‘Everything works and we’re happy with the system we have,’” Jennifer recalls. To gain buy-in from leadership for bigger changes, Jennifer had to make the case that “upgrading IT systems and staying on top of the latest in Windows features would support business processes and knowledge retention.”

She succeeded. “Once we began discussing the Windows Insider Program, they became excited about the much wider possibilities,” Jennifer explains. “Today, they say they can’t live without it.”

With the company embracing innovation, Jennifer is in discussions with their research and development team about how HoloLens might boost innovation and save time and resources on prototyping.

So what else is Jennifer, IT hero, tackling? Also a law student, Jennifer recently passed a key law exam in Germany (similar to the bar exam in the US) and is thinking about delving into the intersection between law and IT.

“I find it fascinating how the use of IT changes our lives, and how our business and private lives are being combined as a result,” she explains. “Law topics are deciding the future of IT and how we use certain tools like the cloud and how we protect our data. I used to see the fields of IT and law as quite different, but now it seems they are inseparable.”

Interested in using your IT superpowers to help your organization implement the Windows Insider Program for Business? Learn how by watching our talk at this year’s Microsoft Ignite, featuring Dona Sarkar and Jennifer!