Pursuing a Passion with the Help of Windows Accessibility Features

Nora is from Buenos Aires, Argentina, but she thinks and dreams in Japanese. She often goes by her Japanese nickname, Nori, and is hugely into anime, cosplay, and “anisinging” (for the uninitiated, that’s a type of karaoke focused on anime characters). Nori has had a visual impairment since birth due to Hallermann Streiff syndrome, and she combines a variety of….


Turning Waste into Energy, Powered by Solar & Built on Windows

It’s no secret that the world is facing a trash crisis. From the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” to overflowing landfills, 1.3 billion tons of waste are produced worldwide every year. The problem is particularly urgent for communities like the French Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe, where just 1630 square kilometers (about 630 square miles) of land support more than 400,000 residents.….


How to Champion Your Ideas: Tips from an IT Pro

What’s it like to work as an IT pro at a company experiencing super-charged growth? How do you approach change, leverage innovations in Windows, and help shepherd an entire organization into the IT future? To find out, we sat down with Aaron Buckley, Infrastructure Applications Engineer at Alex and Ani, a highly successful jewelry company that recently celebrated giving more….

Aaron Buckley

How this Insider uses Paint 3D to explain astronomy

Windows Paint got a 3D upgrade with the Fall Creators Update last year, enabling paint projects to come alive in entirely new ways. Powered with 3D, dynamic images can make presenting just about anything more interactive. Just ask Windows Insider Vincent Pendleton, who uses Paint 3D as a go-to tool for teaching astronomy. Vincent belongs to the Back Bay Amateur….

This Rwandan Windows Insider Stands to Change a Common Problem in Hospitals

“I focus on finding tech solutions that can benefit many people—in Africa and in other countries,” Ange Uwambajimana says. Ange, a Windows Insider4Good and entrepreneur based in Kigali, has a steady and calm demeanor, but beneath that poise is a fierce determination to solve a problem that she witnessed firsthand growing up in Rwanda. Since the age of seven, Ange….

Ange Uwambajimana

Create, Share How You Did It, Create More

Joris Brauns, Microsoft MVP, talks creativity and why sharing knowledge is the key to getting things done and staying inspired Where do innovative tech pros get their brilliant ideas? For Joris Brauns, a Windows Insider and Microsoft MVP hailing from Antwerp, Belgium, being in a community of innovators and exploring projects together often lead to a host of tantalizing ideas.….

For this Insider4Good, Innovation is Personal

What drives extraordinary innovators to turn their ideas into reality? Often, a deeply personal experience serves as both inspiration and motivation. Peter Akech, a Windows #Insiders4Good Fellow working in Kenya, watched as his brother suffered from a severe skin disorder and struggled to find an effective treatment. It took nearly two years and eight doctors to properly diagnose Peter’s brother,….

Reflections from a Female IT Pro

Seventeen years ago, Aylin Atay started as an intern for the YWCA, attracted by its mission of ending racism and empowering women. Today, she’s the organization’s Director of IT and the head of an all-female tech team — an accomplishment that is even more notable given that women hold only 25 percent of all jobs in tech. “The YWCA’s mission….

Windows Insiders are using HoloLens to train future doctors

We’re thrilled to introduce the winner of the Insiders in Action Contest! We asked Windows Insiders to enter the contest by showing us how Windows helps them do what they love. Beerend Hierck’s team at Leiden University Medical Center was selected as a winner out of nearly 350 applications received from over 75 countries. Thank you, Windows fans! Mixed reality….

Empowering Physicians with Better Tech Systems

Perspectives from a Windows Insider working in healthcare Helping hospitals keep up with rapidly evolving technology isn’t as simple as upgrading everyone to Windows 10. Marcio Correa, a senior systems analyst and Windows Insider based in Boston, Massachusetts explains: “One of the biggest challenges in healthcare is everything has to be HIPAA compliant—meaning most new software isn’t eligible for us….