Windows Insiders vote for their favorite 20H1 features

Last month, we asked Windows Insiders to vote for their favorite features (so far) in our Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds for 20H1. As with previous surveys, the results include some expected—and many unexpected—favorites. Here’s a quick summary: At the top of the list was a feature that can make it a lot easier to reset your PC. We’ve heard….

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Inspired by Insiders—Unleashing the power of the Windows 10 Calculator

It’s one of our most popular Windows 10 apps—and with good reason. Not only is the Calculator app built right into Windows, but it’s able to perform a surprisingly wide range of operations—from simple calculations to complex scientific equations and unit conversions. In this article, we’ll tell you all you need to know about getting the most out of this….

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Inspired By Insiders—Accessibility

Check out the Ease of Access settings in Windows and you’ll notice something interesting: These setting are not only great for people with disabilities—they can actually improve your own Windows experience. This is no coincidence. Even people with perfect vision can lose track of the finer text and details on screen, especially with today’s high-resolution displays. And that’s why we….

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Supercharging Windows Search

Back in the summer of 2018, a small group of Windows Insiders did something that we don’t typically recommend: They quietly turned off the Windows Search indexer on their PCs. Luckily for us, they also took us up on our request to explain why. The feedback they provided led to some of the most significant improvements we’ve made recently to….

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Inspired by Insiders—Going passwordless

We all use Windows differently. But if there’s one thing most of us have done countless times, it’s entering a password at the lock screen. Protecting our devices and data with a password has long been a part of the Windows experience. But times have changed, passwords have become vulnerable—and Windows now offers a simpler, more secure sign-in experience without….

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Inspired by Insiders—Your Phone app, your way

Greetings from the developers and marketers of the Your Phone app! Back in August, Microsoft and Samsung shared a vision for the future of productivity at their Galaxy Unpacked event in New York City. What was particularly exciting for us was the announcement that the new Samsung Galaxy Note10 phones would include native integration with Your Phone app via the….

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Inspired by Insiders—Windows Subsystem for Linux

Hello from the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) team! Way back at Microsoft Build 2016—our premiere developer conference—we introduced the world to the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). This was particularly exciting news for web developers. Before WSL, developers had to switch back and forth between these platforms. Now, they can use the rich Linux developer ecosystem and tools alongside….

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Inspired by Insiders—Improving the Windows input experience

Greetings from the Input and Language team! Input is at the core of what you do when interacting with your PC, and today we’d like to share some of the updates we’ve been making to the input features in Windows. What exactly is ‘Input’? This simply describes features used to enter data—whether you’re typing on a hardware or touch keyboard,….

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Inspired By Insiders—Start Menu (Part 2)

Greetings from Jen Gentleman, Eric Papamarcos, and Rick Duncan of the Shell team. If you’ve been following the updates we’ve made to the Start menu in Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds in 19H1 (and from the feedback we’ve received, it’s clear that a lot of Insiders have been doing just that), you’ll know that we’ve made some significant changes since….

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Windows Insiders vote for their favorite 19H1 features

Last month, we asked Windows Insiders to vote for their favorite features that we shipped with Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds for 19H1. The results are now in! As with previous surveys, it appears that a wide range of new Windows features have caught the interest of Insiders around the world. In our last survey for Windows 10 October 2018….

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