Troubleshooting our biggest Windows Search issues

Anyone hanging around a Windows forum for too long eventually sees the same thing. Something is going wrong on a Windows device, and the recommendation to fix it is to turn off Windows Search. So how has investigating this issue in Windows Search gotten to where it’s at now, and how are Windows Insiders helping us determine what’s next? Let’s….

Two men search on PC

Meet the Insider bringing old computers back to life

  When Basilio Kalpakian spots an old PC on the side of the road, he knows he’s struck gold. A self-described tinkerer, Basilio is an eye surgeon by day and a computer surgeon by night. His hobby and passion is bringing old PCs back to life and loading them up with Windows 10. Each unit he finds is an opportunity….

Basilio Kalpakian in front of an old PC

Spotlight on eye control

How can Windows empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more? Our ongoing mission is behind a feature that Windows Insiders recently voted as one of their favorites, eye control. While eye control was first released with the Fall Creators Update, it’s seen some great improvements with the April 2018 Update. We sat down with Microsoft….

Eye control keyboard