Inbox app updates for Insiders in the Fast and Slow rings

Starting with Build 16232, we announced that we have paused testing new versions of our inbox apps with Windows Insiders in the Fast and Slow rings to make sure we’re bringing you the highest quality inbox apps experience for the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

Some features we were testing in our inbox apps would temporarily disappear, because some of our inbox apps won’t have all the latest new features without getting an update from the Windows Store. Unfortunately, because of an issue with our targeting, some Insiders in the Fast and Slow rings received app updates for some of the inbox Windows apps such as Photos, Groove Music, Movies and TV, and Paint 3D last week that brought back some new features and capabilities. Because it’s critical that Insiders are experiencing the same versions of the inbox apps that will be released as the default for all our customers when we release the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, we’re releasing updates to the inbox apps that restores them to what they were previously. This means that Insiders may notice some new features and capabilities disappear again until we officially resume flighting app updates to the Fast and Slow rings.

All inbox apps will be impacted by this and could see a loss of some UX and features. Here a few specific examples of things being lost in some of the apps:

  • For Photos, Insiders will notice the loss of features like video editing and search.
  • For Groove Music, Insiders may notice the loss of the Top Music Video Gallery and Mini-View features. If you’re signed in and have more than 100 local playlists, playlists beyond 100 will be lost. Any playlist that has been created and not synced to the cloud will be lost. All music will need to be re-grovelled and re-matched, a process that could take up to an hour depending on collection size.
  • For the Movies & TV app, Insiders may notice a loss of some UX improvements such as spacing reduction, scrolling headers, and other usability improvements, as well as better support for personal videos on SD cards, share functionality from trailer browse, and defaulting to maximized full screen for video playback. Any purchases will need to re-synced to your PC. Uncompleted downloaded rentals will need to be manually executed via File Explorer. They’ll show as expired within Movies & TV.
  • For Paint 3D, Insiders will notice the loss of Line and Curve and ability to Save/Load .glB files, as well as some other smaller UX changes. Insiders won’t be able to open any saved projects created while they had the newer build of Paint 3D.