The Latest Windows 10 Features

Explore the new features — install the most recent Windows 10 Insider Preview build.

On your Windows 10 PC, go to Settings>Update and Security>Windows Insider Program) and follow the prompts.1

Build 17758

Free up space on your PC automatically. Storage Sense can identify files you haven't used used in a while and move them to your OneDrive account.


Build 17755

Text from your PC. Use the My Phone app to text your friends and group message. Your Phone app allows you to view, send, and receive the SMS from your Android, on your computer. You can type your message with your keyboard or touch keyboard - and even ink and dictate messages.9


Build 17741

An easier way to get to Your Phone app. Notice a desktop pin? It’ll take you directly to Your Phone app – for quicker access to your phone’s content.

Search and tooltips support for Emoji 11. The Emoji Panel now supports search and tooltips for the new Emoji 11 emoji. These keywords will also populate text predictions when typing with the touch keyboard.


Build 17733

Dark Theme in File Explorer. This cool, new design and top Insider request looks better than ever. Check it out at Settings > Personalization > Colors. Find out how feedback from Windows Insiders helped to shape the design.

Narrator improvements. The latest improvements cover everything from better phonetic pronunciations to easier navigation.


Build 17730

Sync photos from your phone to your PC. No more emailing yourself photos! With the Your Phone app, your Android’s most recent photos sync automatically to your PC where you can easily copy, edit and ink them.8


Build 17723

Over 150 new emoji. This latest collection includes superheroes, a softball, a pirate flag plus some nice improvements to existing emoji. You can access them using the Emoji Panel (WIN+.) or the touch keyboard.7

A Mixed Reality portal into the physical world. We’ve adding the ability to peer into your physical environment – without removing your headset.

An improved update experience. Before an update, Windows will automatically check if you are currently using your machine and schedule a better time to reboot. If you find your device restarting at the wrong time, please file a bug in the feedback hub.


Build 17713

Per-site media autoplay controls. You can now customize media autoplay for each website you visit in Microsoft Edge. Just click the information "i" icon or lock icon on the left side of the address bar and click “media autoplay settings” to get started.

Lookup definitions for words in Reading View, Books, and PDFs in Microsoft Edge. Simply select a single word to see the definition appear above your selection.

A better Notepad. Improvements to Notepad include an option to find/replace throughout the entire document (just check wrap around); text zooming; and, by popular request, an option to display line and column numbers when wrap-around is enabled.

Embedded handwriting option. Just tap a text area, like a search box, in a modern app in Windows and it will expand so you can write with your digital pen.


Build 17711

More depth with Fluent Design. Many of the popup type controls in our default modern apps now include shadows to provide added depth and enhance visual hierarchy.

New Windows HD Color settings. Windows HD Color-capable devices can show high dynamic range (HDR) content, including photos, videos, games, and apps. To configure, go to System>Display.


Build 17704

Redesigned Microsoft Edge menu and Settings. Based on your feedback, we've simplified the menu and better organized Settings into sub-pages. We've also added a much-requested option to customize which icons appear in the toolbar. (Go to "Show in toolbar" in the "…" menu.)

Control whether media in Microsoft Edge can play automatically. It’s really here! We’ve added a new setting to allow you to control whether sites can autoplay media. You can find this under Settings>Advanced> Media autoplay.

Skype for Windows 10 gets a big update. The new Skype for Windows 10 update features: a customizable group calling experience, easier screen sharing and access to contacts; the option to capture images during video calls, and more.

More data in Windows Diagnostic Viewer. Available through the Window Store , the viewer now let's you see Problem Reports sent to Microsoft.

See videos better outside. Go to Settings > Apps > Video playback, and turn on “Adjust video based on lighting”. Note: In order for this feature to work, your device must have a light sensor.6

See how Windows helps you type. Go to Settings > Devices > Typing and click on “View typing insights” for details on how AI in Windows has been correcting your spelling, suggesting words and more.

Create your own font. With the Microsoft Font Maker app available in Windows Store, you can use your pen to create a font based on your personal handwriting style.

Narrator Quickstart. When Narrator launches, a new Quickstart tutorial experience will help you get up and running quickly. It teaches the basics of using Narrator, such as learning the keys on your keyboard, navigation, the most used commands etc.

An easier way to capture and share screenshots. Try our new Screen Sketch app directly from the Snipping Tool. You can launch the app directly and start a snip from there, or just press WIN + Shift + S or use this guidance to create a shortcut and press the back of your pen or the Print Screen key.

Windows Security Improvements. Go to Update and Security>Virus & Threat Protection to manage any current threats that need action. On the same screen, under Manage Settings, you can "Block suspicious behaviors" to protect your PC from infected apps or files.


Build 17692

More accurate autocorrections. SwiftKey gives you more accurate autocorrect and predictions by learning your writing style — including the words, phrases and emoji that matter to you. Now available when using the touch keyboard in Windows.5

Make text bigger. We’ve heard your feedback and we're excited to announce you can now increase text size without having to change overall scaling of your system.

Narrator improvements. Based on your feedback, we've made a bunch of Narrator updates, including a more familiar keyboard layout, a new text search feature, and more.

Audio controls and performance info in game bar. Control volumes of games and apps runnning, see performace numbers like your game's framerate, CPU usage and RAM usage.

Stream audio to both headset and speakers in Windows Mixed Reality. For steps on how to enable this new feature, scroll down to the Mixed Reality section of our Build 17692 blog.

Acrylic comes to menus. We've added Acrylic design to context menus - plus flyouts, auto suggest dropdowns, and more.


Build 17686

Improved local experience. To enjoy display language quality improvements, go to Settings App>Time & Language>Language, click on Add a Windows display language with Local Experience Packs link and download a Local Experience Pack from the Microsoft Store.

Mixed Reality improvements. You can now run Mixed Reality without a physical monitor (great for backpack PCs). Also, apps running in Windows Mixed Reality can make use of the Capture UI API. Try adding an image to a message in Mail in the Cliff House, for example.


Build 17682

An easier way to launch apps in Sets. We continue to improve our new Sets feature based on your feedback. When you click the plus button to add apps in a Sets window, you’ll now be able to browse the All Apps list, rather than just using the search box.3

Wireless projection improvements. Insiders have told us it’s hard to know when they’re wirelessly projecting – so we’ve added a new control banner that appears when you’re in session. This banner also lets you tune the connection for optimal latency between screens.


Build 17677

Faster access to your top sites. Just right-click the Microsoft Edge icon in the Task Bar to see a list of your most visited sites.

Better menus in Microsoft Edge. We’ve added icons and shortcuts to the “Settings and more” menu and provided an option to label groups of tabs you’ve set aside. For Downloads, we’ve expanded the menu, so you can right-click to “show in folder” and ‘copy link’.


Build 17666

A better way to copy-paste. Simply press WIN+V to access our brand-new clipboard experience. Now you can paste from a clipboard history and pin the items you find yourself using all the time. Access your clipboard across any PC running Build 17666 or higher.4

Dark theme comes to File Explorer. Along with this top Insider request, we also added dark theme support to the File Explorer context menu, as well as the Common File Dialog (aka the Open and Save dialogs).

Notepad Search with Bing. To use, simply highlight any words or phrase in Notepad, right click and select “search with Bing”.

Start Tile folder naming. Simply drag tiles on top of one another to create a folder. When you expand the folder, you’ll see a new option to name it.

Save time with Search Previews. We have expanded previews to support apps, documents and more. Get quick answers from Bing, links to recent documents, file info and other preview info.


Build 17661

Easier screenshot sharing. Just press the quick action button in Action Center called "Screen Snip" (or WIN+shift+S), then add a message and share.

An easier way to organize your stuff — with Sets. Our earlier Sets experiment is now open to almost all Insiders. Sets keeps related webpages, documents, files and apps connected in one, tabbed Window so everything is just one click away. Sets of tabs can even be saved and restored later. To try Sets, open File Explorer, for example, then open a new tab (+), and click on the search box in the middle of the screen to browse the web or open an app or file.3

Acrylic in Task View. Fluent Design continues to be very popular with Insiders — so we've added a soft blur Acrylic effect to the entire Task View background.

Less interruptions when gaming. Focus assist will turn on automatically when you’re playing any full screen game.


Build 17650

Fluent Design for Windows Defender Security Center. We’ve heard your feedback and we’ve updated Windows Defender Security Center (WDSC) to include the Fluent Design elements you know and love.


Build 17643

Sets for Office. If you are also an Office Insider, you can now try to Sets for Office to group, recall, and refresh data sources for all your projects. Note: You must also be an Office 365 subscriber. (You can sign-up for a free trial here.)

Roaming Usage. Does your device have a SIM? We’ve updated Data Usage Settings to let you know how much data you are using while roaming.

Magnifier improvements. Based on your feedback, we made two improvements: 1) your mouse can now be centered on the screen in full screen mode for easier tracking, and 2) we added two more zoom level increments (5% and 10%).

Bluetooth battery percentage in Settings. In Bluetooth & other devices Settings, you can now check the battery level of your Bluetooth devices.

A smarter calculator. Windows Calculator now correctly calculates square roots for perfect squares (integers that are squares of other integers).


Build 17634

Cortana Show Me now supports voice queries. You can now launch the new preview app with your voice for help with Windows settings.2


  1. Go here for instructions on how to find out which Windows 10 Insider Preview build you have installed. Windows Insider Preview may be substantially modified before it’s commercially released. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, with respect to the information provided here. Some product features and functionality may require additional hardware or software.To view Windows Insider settings, you must have administrator privileges on your PC. For PCs running early versions of Windows 10, go to Settings>Update and Security>Advanced Options>Get Insider Preview Builds.
  2. Cortana not available in all markets. See the list of markets in which Cortana is available.
  3. Sets is currently in a controlled study which means a small group of Insiders may not have access to the feature. However, at this time, the large majority of Insiders in the Fast ring will see Sets in the latest Insider Preview build.
  4. Roamed text on the clipboard is only supported for clipboard content less than 100kb. Currently, the clipboard history supports plain text, HTML and image less than 1MB.
  5. Currently available when using the touch keyboard to write in English (United States), English (United Kingdom), French (France), German (Germany), Italian (Italy), Spanish (Spain), Portuguese (Brazil), or Russian.
  6. There are a couple different ways you can check if you have a light sensor: 1. Go to “Display Settings” in the Settings app and look for an option to turn on Auto-brightness; 2. Go to Device Manager and look for “Light Sensor” under Sensors.
  7. The Emoji Panel is currently available for 190+ locales. Keywords and tooltips for the new emoji are not yet available.
  8. Android 7.0+ devices are compatible with Your Phone app. For PCs tied to the China region, Your Phone app services will be enabled in the future.
  9. Ink feature available on pen-capable devices. Voice dictation for text messages available in US English only at this time.