Windows Insider Program
for IT Professionals

Thank you for your interest in the Windows Insider Program for IT Professionals!

If you are already a Windows Insider, thank you for your contributions to helping shape Windows 10 for you and your organization. Windows Insiders have partnered with the Windows Development Team to discover and create features, infuse innovation, resolve issues, and plan for what’s around the bend. We’ve received amazing feedback, architected some great features together, and we’re not done!

The Windows Insider Program recognizes IT Professionals as a critical asset to any organization. From managing complex environments that incorporate Microsoft systems, to managing how they integrate with other applications inside their organization, IT Professionals understand ‘mission critical’ and know how to think through and resolve deployment issues. They are the front-line IT heroes of any organization. But we don’t have to tell you this.

In the coming months, we’ll be adding additional features to the existing Windows Insider Program to better support you in your job. Incorporating the Windows Insider Program for IT Professionals into your deployment plans enables you to prepare your organization for Windows 10, to deploy new services and tools more quickly, to secure your applications, to increase productivity giving you confidence in the stability of your environment.

Insiders may need to take additional action to access new features when they are made available. Instructions for accessing these new features will be communicated to Insiders who complete this pre-registration form.