Yeshua Russel


GrouPower - sustainable

GrouPower operates neighborhood solar farms to deliver affordable and reliable electricity to Nigerians who have intermittent or no access to power. Access to reliable electricity is a challenge for nearly all Nigerians, whether rich or poor. Less than 50% of Nigerian households are connected to the national electricity grid, and of those households, very few have access to power for more than 6 hours per day. While businesses and office buildings often rely on generators for backup power, fuel for generators is expensive and businesses have been forced to close as a result of power being unaffordable or too unreliable. GrouPower establishes solar farms that serve clusters of residences and businesses, which pay a fee for the power they use. When students have light to study in the evening, hospitals have light for medical procedures, and streets are illuminated, communities are healthier, safer, and grow to be more prosperous. Generators can take a hefty bite—as much as 30%—out of business revenue. By eliminating the need for generators and expanding access to affordable electricity, GrouPower can ensure that businesses—from small shops needing refrigeration to large factories that need power to run machines-thrive.