Olayinka Olanrewaju



Lawcademy's e-learning platform boosts the success of Nigerian law school students by making learning more effective and enjoyable. Nearly 50 percent of students at the Nigerian Law School fail to receive their legal credentials each year. While the legal landscape has grown more complex, the way law is taught in Nigeria (primarily through lecture classes) hasn't been updated. Universities are struggling to deliver effective, tailored learning experiences, and law students are struggling to graduate, thus making the number of skilled legal professionals in Nigeria scarce. Lawcademy partners with universities and leverages the power of e-learning to help Nigerian law students improve their performance and succeed. Through dynamic and interactive content, Lawcademy explains complex legal subjects in easy-to-understand terms and helps students retain and apply information through modern techniques-including videos, mind-mapping, infographics, and quizzes that give students instant feedback on their performance. Analogous to platforms like Coursera and Udemy, Lawcademy enables students to learn at their own pace, replay learning modules, and interact with a community of students taking the same course. However, Lawcademy differs from these platforms in that it delivers context-specific content and a learning interface tailored to a West African audience.