Muhammad Abdullahi



eTrash2Cash provides recycling and safe waste disposal to low-income communities, resulting in cleaner environments and the prevention of damaging floods. More than 10,000 metric tons of waste is generated in major cities in Nigeria, including Lagos, Kano, Kduna, and Ibadan. Only 9% of this waste is properly collected and managed by government agencies, while the rest causes a societal nuisance in the form of clogged municipal drainage systems and flooding. Waste-related floods displace thousands of people from their homes annually, causing hardship to local communities and halting business operations. eTrash2Cash aims to incentivize recycling and waste disposal by paying low-income households a small amount of cash in exchange for their waste. An estimated 84% of waste produced in Nigeria is recyclable or compostable. eTrash2Cash reclaims such materials to produce compost and post-consumer products like tissue paper and polythene shopping bags, which are marketed back to the same individuals and small businesses. A web/mobile/SMS platform enables individuals to track what they’ve deposited and earned, thus incentivizing continued participation in the program.