Moses Owoicho Enokela



SonoCare saves the lives of expectant mothers and their infants by bringing mobile diagnostic imaging services to rural healthcare facilities. One in 13 Nigerian women die during pregnancy or childbearing. 99% of these deaths occur in low-resource, rural settings where doctors and diagnostic services are scarce. In order for a rural woman to receive a sonogram, she might have to travel many hours to a specialized facility-a difficult and costly endeavor that many women cannot afford. There are up to 58,000 maternal deaths in Nigeria each year, the majority of which could be prevented by proper prenatal care. SonoCare partners with rural healthcare providers to bring diagnostic imaging services directly to patients. Its vehicle travels with portable equipment and a trained healthcare professional to deliver sonograms, ECG examinations, and other diagnostic services at the point of care. By making diagnostic services more accessible, affordable, and convenient, SonoCare aims to prevent maternal deaths and ensure healthy, happy pregnancies for all women.