Daniel Isijola


Djola Nollymations

For Nigerian culture lovers at home and abroad, Djola Nollymations offers high-quality, hand-drawn nollywood comics through a beautiful smartphone app. With such a diverse culture and community across Nigeria, all ages and tribes countrywide have become intertwined through the power of entertainment, particularly through the surge in popularity of Nollywood films. Djola Nollymations aims to convert and expand popular Nollywood movies into comic books and animations. The comics will be available via web and a smartphone app. Daniel is a talented cartoonist with a passion for animation. His first Nollywood comic was an immediate hit within his community, selling over 300 copies in just three days. He has recently been offered a contract to work on a film-based comic with a producer from a neighboring Nigerian state. Daniel views his Nollywood comics as a means to tell fascinating and entertaining stories of diverse tribes and experiences. Thus, they have the potential to foster greater connection and unity across cultures.