Damilola Samuel


Greenpad Concepts

GreenPad Concepts helps rural girls stay in school during their menstrual period by providing access to biodegradable and affordable sanitary pads that are locally produced from agricultural byproducts. During their menstrual period each month, girls in rural Nigeria have no choice but to miss school. Without the means to purchase feminine hygiene products and without access to toilets and running water, girls are subject to shame and embarrassment, which can be compounded by cultural taboos surrounding menstruation. According to UNICEF, one out of ten adolescent girls in Africa miss school during their menstruation and eventually drop out. GreenPad Concepts has developed an affordable, highly absorbent, and biodegradable sanitary pad made from banana plant fiber, a plentiful and inexpensive agricultural byproduct in Nigeria. Made by Nigerian women for Nigerian women, GreenPad's product costs 50% less than currently available commercial pads. While commercial pads take 500-800 years to biodegrade, GreenPads return to the environment in only 6 months. The product will be distributed through channels that target girls in schools so that they remain in school and complete their educations.