Bem Asen


Retire Forward Inc.

Retire Forward connects veterans and retirees with employment, training, and other opportunities so that they can reinvest their wealth of experience back into society and the economy. Many veterans and older citizens in Nigeria retire from service after meritoriously serving the country for years, but are miserably poor due to the inability of the government and the pension boards to pay their monetary entitlements. After retirement, they become unemployed, poor, sick and solely depend on the meagre earnings of their families. Retire Forward is creating an online platform that will connect retired workers and veterans to unique organizations offering Jobs, internships, loans and grants for business, training, and many other opportunities. Retire Forward aims to work both online and offline to connect this older demographic group to credible organizations willing to give them the opportunity to reinvest their experience into society and the economy and also retrain them with 21st century skills.