New 20H1 flighting achievements

New achievements are now available for keeping your machine current with 20H1 Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds in the Fast and Slow rings.

New badges from 1 to 4 stars, plus build monster.

Unlock each one by updating your machine with the number of builds needed for that achievement on a single device:

  • Flight Lieutenant – Flight one build
  • Flight Captain – Flight three builds
  • Flight Major – Flight seven builds
  • Flight Commander – Flight 17 builds
  • Build Monster – Flight 18+ builds

These achievements are a small token of our appreciation for your impact in ensuring we deliver a quality product that our customers will love.

Once you earn one of these achievements, you can view it by visiting the Feedback Hub > Profile > Achievements. We would also love to see you share each achievement on your social accounts by using the hashtag #Builds4Badges.  If you share directly from Feedback Hub, the hashtags are auto-filled for you!

Be sure to continue updating your device to earn all five. Just go to Settings > Windows Insider Program to confirm that your device is set for Fast or Slow ring builds. Then head over to Settings > Windows Update and select Check for updates.

Thank you, Insiders, and keep flighting!