Bring Out the Enthusiasm

How this Windows Insider helps businesses tap into tech’s power to delight and inspire. Sarah Lean, based in Glasgow, works with companies of all kinds, from Scottish whisky to music festivals and big manufacturing firms. As a tech professional who designs business solutions, she’s helped clients tackle a range of challenges. But at the end of the day, helping companies….

Inspired by Insiders – A Tale of Two Kernels

Insiders are the millions who represent the billions – Dona Sarkar This is absolutely true. Each and every Windows Insider out there is an individual who represents not only themselves, but also – to varying degrees – countless others who don’t participate in this amazing program. One area where the Windows Insider Program excels is in gathering broad coverage on….

Close-up of two hands using a black keyboard on a white desk. Dozens of dice strewn in front of keyboard. Laptop keyboard partially shown in left upper corner. Large marble object and small plastic bag filled with small unidentifiable items shown at right.