Manage Insider Preview Builds

Administrators can control how and when users within their organization receive Windows Insider Preview builds on their domain-joined PCs.

Register your domain

To register your domain, your organizational account must be assigned a Global Administrator role in AAD. Requires Windows 10 Version 1703 or later. Sign in with your AAD that has been assigned a Global Administrator role to see the next steps for registration.

Apply policies

Once you have registered your enterprise domain, you are ready to apply policies. Policies can only be applied to PCs running Windows 10 Version 1709 or later.

Set telemetry

To get Insider Preview builds, make sure Telemetry is set to 2 or higher.

  • Group Policy: Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/Windows Components/Data Collection and Preview Builds: Allow Telemetry
  • MDM: System/AllowTelemetry

Manage Insider Preview builds

This policy enables or prevents build installation on a device. There is also an option to disable preview builds once the release is public.

  • Group Policy: Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/Windows Components/Windows Update/ Windows Update for Business: manage preview builds
  • MDM: Update/ManagePreviewBuilds
  • MDM Values:
    • 0-Disable preview builds
    • 1-Disable preview builds once next release is public
    • 2-Enable preview builds
    • 3-Preview builds are left to user selection (default)

Branch readiness level

This policy sets the Windows readiness level, including Fast, Slow, Release Preview Rings of Windows Insider Preview and allows administrators to defer or pause delivery of updates.

  • Group Policy: Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/Windows Components/Windows Update/ Windows Update for Business: Select when Preview Builds and Feature Updates are received
  • MDM: Update/BranchReadinessLevel
  • MDM Values:
    • 2 {0x2} - Preview Builds - Fast (default)
    • 4 {0x4} - Preview Builds - Slow
    • 8 {0x8} - Release Preview

Check device health

Administrators have the option to use Device Health in Windows Analytics to monitor devices running Windows 10 Insider Preview builds.


Provide Feedback

Provide feedback using the Feedback Hub App1 on Windows 10. You can also view feedback submitted by other Insiders in your organization in the Feedback Hub App by filtering on 'My Organization'. Only registered users within your organization can filter this information.

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If you no longer plan to manage Windows Insider Preview policies for your organization, you will need to unregister your domain with the Windows Insider Program. Unregistering will not allow any other administrators at your organization to continue to set policies to manage Windows Insider Preview builds across your organization.

Your individual registration with the Insider program will not be impacted. If you wish to install Insider Previews on your PC, see the install instructions. If you wish to leave the Insider program, see the leave-the program instructions.

After unregistering your organization’s domain, you will need to unset the BranchReadinessLevel policy on the devices that have it set. For guidance on recovering a PC to a current Production build of windows, see the recover your device instructions.

  1. To use this link, make sure that you have administrator rights to your machine and that it has latest Windows updates.