Kelechi Odoemena


Dillish Instant Foods

Dillish makes cowpeas—one of the most popular and nutritious staples in Nigeria—safer to eat, faster and easier to prepare, and more economical. Cowpeas are the most consumed source of plant protein in Nigeria, but they can take up to 2 hours to cook-far too long for today's busy lifestyles. Furthermore, the widespread use of dangerous preservative chemicals on cowpeas has led to tragic poisonings. Consumers struggle to feel secure knowing that their cowpeas come from safe sources. With Dillish Instant Foods' processed cowpeas, consumers can cook popular traditional dishes like moi-moi, akara and gbegiri in less than 20 minutes and have the confidence that their cowpeas are safe to eat. Dillish Instant Foods sources cowpeas directly from a network of small farms and processes them (into hulled and powder form) without using chemicals. This value-added product not only saves consumers cooking time—it also helps save on fuel costs and is thus more eco-friendly. Nigeria is the largest producer and consumer of cowpeas in the world, consuming more than 3 million tons per year. By making cowpeas available in a guaranteed safe and easier-to-cook form, Dillish has the opportunity to both capture existing cowpea consumers and reach new ones who may have found unprocessed cowpeas too inconvenient to prepare.