Insider2Campus Winners

The Insiders2Campus Contest awards the biggest fans of Windows 10 in the Windows Insider Program with an exclusive experience at Microsoft Headquarters.

Thanks to all the Insiders who participated in Bug Bash and entered the contest with their inspiring videos. We are excited to announce this year’s winners below.

2018 Winners

Daniel Schnabel de Barros

"My passion for code has made me a persistent person who always finds a way to achieve the final goal when someone else would have already given up."...

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Mustafa Al Ibrahim

"My sister, Zahra, just finished her 2nd year in BSc in computer science...I feel that a visit to Microsoft will help her see how awesome the tech industry is."...

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Robert Haluska

"I work in K-12 teaching Juniors and Seniors about technology. Being able to talk about what is coming [to Windows 10] is an awesome experience for many of my students."...

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Sagun Raj Lage

"My greatest super-power is my ability to perform research at a deep level for short time durations. All credit goes to search engines like Bing, which have made research more fun, easier, and quicker...

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Samuele Dassatti

"I think that what sets me apart the most is my willingness to try new things."...

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Simon Allison

“I work in a local College developing new and exciting ways in using IT and outside of work I help in the local community with setups of Windows 10 and training sessions for my friends and family. T...

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Simon Hess

"I am a full time Windows advocate...I love being able to give feedback about my ideas and to make Windows better for everyone."...

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Thomas Maurer

"I love to teach and show people new tricks in Windows and Windows Server. My passion really is to share knowledge about the latest Microsoft technology on my blog, social media or speaking at confere...

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