Meet the Insider bridging the technology gap for children in rural Africa

Caleb Ndaka had never used a computer before he went to university in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city, in his 20s. Growing up in a Kenyan village, computers had only shown up in movies or the stories neighbors told after a visit to a big city. Immediately, Caleb felt the technology gap. On his first day, he walked into class to….

Caleb Ndaka, the Windows Insider and founder of Kids Comp Camp

Meet the Insider creating tech-based tutorials in one of Asia’s oldest cities

While Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, attracts students from the country’s 77 districts, it still lacks technology training materials in their native language of Nepali. Sambhav Bhurtel, is a Microsoft Student Partner who has experienced this problem first-hand and is making a difference by developing video tutorials in Nepali. Sambhav arrived in Kathmandu ready to study computer science with a laptop,….

Sambhav Burtel, Windows Insider and Microsoft Student Partner.

Meet the Insiders looking to the future through mentorship

Muazma Zahid, a senior data engineer for Microsoft’s Azure Global team, struggled to find a mentor who could help her grow when she graduated in 2006. “From a country like Pakistan, there’s not many role models, especially when I was graduating. Computer science was really starting off,” she said. “I had nobody to connect to or ask questions.” Now that….

Nonye, on the left, with her new mentor Muazma, on the right, smiling for the camera at GHC 2019.

Meet the Insider sparking a technology movement in the Caribbean

Juleen Kristina Gentles, one of the Windows Insider Program’s 2019 Grace Hopper Awardees, has big plans for the future of Jamaica and the Caribbean region. She dreams of helping the area develop a startup culture, improve agriculture through technology, and empower girls and women to revolutionize the technology industry. Not only that, she has the skills to achieve it. Juleen….

Meet the Insiders who won our 2019 Grace Hopper Award

We held our second annual Grace Hopper Awards for Insiders to join us at the Grace Hopper Conference in Orlando, Florida for a week of keynotes, sessions, and networking designed to help further women’s careers in tech. We’re excited to introduce the ten talented Insiders who won these awards this year. These incredible women come from around the world. They’re….

10 women who won the GHC Award stand together.

Meet the Insider exploring assistive technologies for everyone without a voice

At the age of 15 months, Rebecca Houston couldn’t speak. One speech pathologist believed that she would have a lifetime of difficulty communicating, but a specialist at the University of Iowa was finally able to make a correct diagnosis. Rebecca had a swallowing disorder, combined with severe apraxia, a motor speech disorder that makes it difficult for children to speak. Today,….

Rebecca Houston outside.

Meet the Insider using radical honesty, curiosity, and grit for a career in tech

Cassandra Oduola recently landed a job offer from Microsoft’s Machine Learning group, another exciting step in her journey as an engineer. At the top of her field and with both a PhD in Computer Science and a BS in Physics under her belt, Cassandra was also a Grace Hopper Awardee. What’s driven her success? The answers might surprise you. Radical….

Woman standing next to a sign that reads 'Microsoft.'

Meet the Insider helping artists build careers with technology

Dan Flores made his first mark on Atlanta around 1995, when a friend suggested he show his art portfolio to a tattoo shop owner and see about getting a job. After serving in the U.S. Marines for four years, Dan had been dishwashing and driving a forklift, but had never inked a tattoo in his life. He had, however, been….

Dan Flores with drawing on large tablet.

Meet the Insider uniting art and computer science

Mónica Ceisel, a Windows Insider who will graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison as a computer science major and art minor soon, loves finding a way to bring art and technology together. “We recently built a 3D, virtual reality game,” she said. “I love storytelling, animation, and cartoons. Being a computer science and art student, I’ve found a great way to….

Mónica Ceisel

Meet the Insider automating his way to a smarter home

Daniel Schnabel de Barros, a Windows Insider and 2018 Insiders2Campus winner, is a software developer by day. By night, he channels Tony Stark by enhancing his home with automation. As a kid, Daniel was inspired by a neighbor who was ahead of his time. “One of the very first inventions that impressed me was his toilet. He had the toilet….

Daniel Schnabel de Barros in front of his computer.