Meet the Insider uniting art and computer science

Mónica Ceisel, a Windows Insider who will graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison as a computer science major and art minor soon, loves finding a way to bring art and technology together. “We recently built a 3D, virtual reality game,” she said. “I love storytelling, animation, and cartoons. Being a computer science and art student, I’ve found a great way to….

Mónica Ceisel

Meet the Insider automating his way to a smarter home

Daniel Schnabel de Barros, a Windows Insider and 2018 Insiders2Campus winner, is a software developer by day. By night, he channels Tony Stark by enhancing his home with automation. As a kid, Daniel was inspired by a neighbor who was ahead of his time. “One of the very first inventions that impressed me was his toilet. He had the toilet….

Daniel Schnabel de Barros in front of his computer.