Mastering Computer Science: How This Coder & Artist Grew Superpowers to Create

“We recently built a 3D, virtual reality game,” says Mónica Ceisel, describing her latest project. “I love storytelling, animation, and cartoons. Being a computer science (CS) and art student, I’ve found a great way to marry the two worlds.” Mónica is a Windows Insider who will graduate soon as a CS major and Art minor from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.….

Mónica Ceisel

Windows Insiders vote for their favorite 20H1 features

Last month, we asked Windows Insiders to vote for their favorite features (so far) in our Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds for 20H1. As with previous surveys, the results include some expected—and many unexpected—favorites. Here’s a quick summary: At the top of the list was a feature that can make it a lot easier to reset your PC. We’ve heard….

Three people chat around a table.

Adventures in Home Automation with a Windows Insider

Daniel Schnabel de Barros is a Windows Insider and software developer by day. By night, he channels Tony Stark by tricking out his home with automation. Read on for more about his projects and how you can also get started “adding smarts” to your home. As a kid, Daniel was inspired by a neighbour who was ahead of his time.….

Daniel Schnabel de Barros in front of his computer.