Meet the Insider helping nuns and empowering good works

As an IT professional, Bart Blocker helps protect the nuns of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, a religious institute of Catholic women dedicated to helping people who are suffering from poverty, sickness, and a lack of education. The Sisters serve through health care, social services, and ministries to assist those in harm’s way, including women and children who….

Two people look at a computer together.

Looking back at the Windows 10 April Update

Most people have only just begun to explore the Windows 10 April Update. But for Windows Insiders, the exploration begun over six months ago, with the first Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds for this release. So how did your feedback help the Windows 10 April Update get to where it’s at now, and how are Windows Insiders helping us determine….

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Meet the Insider pursuing her passion thanks to accessibility features

Nora is from Buenos Aires, Argentina, but she thinks and dreams in Japanese. She often goes by her Japanese nickname, Nori, and is hugely into anime, cosplay, and “anisinging,” which is a type of karaoke focused on anime characters. Nori has had a visual impairment since birth from Hallermann Streiff syndrome, and she combines tech tools to pursue her passion….