Meet the Insiders turning waste into energy with a little help from the sun

The world is facing a trash crisis. From the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to overflowing landfills, 1.3 billion tons of waste are produced worldwide every year. The problem is urgent for communities like the French Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe, where just 630 square miles, or 1,630 square kilometers, of land support more than 400,000 residents. That results in a lot….


Evolving Microsoft Edge with your feedback

With the next release of Windows (RS4) just around the corner, we wanted to say thank you to our Windows Insiders! Your feedback has helped make this new version of Microsoft Edge our best yet. So how has Microsoft Edge gotten to where it’s at now, and how are Windows Insiders helping us determine what’s next? Let’s take a look!….

Hear text read aloud on Microsoft Edge. This is a key accessibility feature

How to Champion Your Ideas: Tips from an IT Pro

What’s it like to work as an IT pro at a company experiencing super-charged growth? How do you approach change, leverage innovations in Windows, and help shepherd an entire organization into the IT future? To find out, we sat down with Aaron Buckley, Infrastructure Applications Engineer at Alex and Ani, a highly successful jewelry company that recently celebrated giving more….

Aaron Buckley

How this Insider uses Paint 3D to explain astronomy

Windows Paint got a 3D upgrade with the Fall Creators Update last year, enabling paint projects to come alive in entirely new ways. Powered with 3D, dynamic images can make presenting just about anything more interactive. Just ask Windows Insider Vincent Pendleton, who uses Paint 3D as a go-to tool for teaching astronomy. Vincent belongs to the Back Bay Amateur….