So you want to be an IT hero?

You’ve got a brilliant IT idea that will make your organization more productive and better equipped to keep information secure. But what if your team is reluctant to change things up? Your challenge is to make the business case for internal innovation. Take a tip from Windows Insider Jennifer Eimertenbrink, who says “Companies have to be innovative with not only….

Jennifer Eimertenbrink

Inspired by Insiders — Windows Search Indexer

So there we were, hanging on the edge of our seats, waiting for the test results of a test that could dramatically improve Windows Search efficiency. But if wasn’t for our Windows Insiders, this test might never have happened. Here’s the scoop on how Windows Insiders helped test the Windows Search Indexer. First, a bit of background: The Windows Indexer….

Out-of-box experience with new Microsoft Surface Pro laptop.