The Windows Insiders Program – A Perspective

“Shhhh, let’s not leak our hard work” — a maxim that was shared by Microsoft not very long ago during the Windows 8 era. This maxim is now resigned to the history books — as Microsoft has become more open in every possible way — open sourcing many of their development technologies but also more significantly with the creation of….

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Andre Da Costa Personal Computing Hero, Microsoft MVP, & Windows Insider

It takes dedication and true passion to become a Microsoft MVP — even more so if you live in a context where technology and internet access can be scarce. Andre Da Costa, the one and only MVP in Jamaica, describes himself as a “technological late bloomer.” The day he’ll always remember: When his mother brought home his first computer, a….

Mauricio Uribe: Windows Insider and Coding Advocate AUTHOR: Bharath Mohan

Meet Mauricio Uribe, one of our Insiders hailing from Bogota, Colombia. We sat down with Mauricio during a Windows Insider Meet Up in February 2017: his passion for technology, his drive to help local children learn to code, and his infectious energy for life make Mauricio both a great conversationalist and an influential Windows Insider. As with many of our….

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Corrine Chorney: Windows Insider MVP and Security Specialist

Members of the forum security world belong to a secret club of sorts — whatever happens in the forums, stays in the forums. Corrine Chorney, a Windows Insider MVP and highly respected security professional in the community, says it’s all about trust. “We’ve established trust, and with that trust comes access,” Corrine says. “People from all walks of life help….

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