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Windows Insider MVPs

Exceptional Windows Insiders have the opportunity to earn recognition for their leadership in making the Windows Insider Program inspiring, creative, and collaborative.

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MVP status comes with exclusive benefits like early access to new features coming to Windows 10 and subscriptions to MSDN and Office 365. You’ll receive opportunities to chat directly with Microsoft teams and tell them what you think. Each MVP award comes with an executive recognition letter of your achievements.

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Windows Insider MVPs are experts in their fields with a passion for using Windows to make their ideas come to life. They inspire others by loving what they do and sharing their expertise with the Windows Insider community. Would you or someone you know — who is an active member of the Windows Insider Program — like to be considered for an MVP award?

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Our MVPs

Windows Insider MVPs are accomplished community leaders with a knack for inspiring and helping others. Their positivity, generosity, and insightfulness work to empower those around them.