Improving My Feedback

Thank you for telling us that you want to know when your feedback in the Feedback Hub has been fixed. Over recent weeks, we’ve started working to improve My Feedback and these notifications, and there’s more to come!

So how has My Feedback and feedback notifications gotten to where they’re at now, and how are Windows Insiders helping us determine what’s next? Let’s take a look!

The Blair SIUF Project

We announced this at Ignite 2017 during our Windows Insiders for Business session, and it was received well with that audience. This project is named after Blair Glennon, who leads our Insider insights.

Some of you might be seeing a new kind of System Initiated User Feedback (SIUF), those popups that show up on your taskbar asking you what you think of a specific feature. This SIUF will say something like:

Popup screen reading "You gave feedback on Mail or Calendar live tiles being out of date. Was this problem fixed?"

We started rolling out these SIUFs a few weeks ago, so if you see one of these, please respond to it, so we can see if this close the loop method is working. If you’re the Insider who submitted the original piece of feedback that resulted in the fix or upvoted the original piece of feedback, you might see these popups.

Email notifications

We heard your feedback that you like to get notifications about the program through email, so you’ll also start seeing the same messages in emails sent to the MSA you used to join the program. Don’t worry, if you respond to the SIUF in our first group, we won’t email you. Instead, we’ll wait a short amount of time to allow you to respond to the original SIUF and follow up with an email like this:

Email with message "You gave feedback on Mail or Calendar live tiles being out of date. Was this problem fixed?"

Feedback Hub Notifications

Starting now, you’ll notified about important events regarding feedback you submitted in the Feedback Hub itself. Look for the Changes Made filter to look at only the feedback that’s resulted in important changes.

Feedback Hub message "Changes Made: We've made changes base on this feedback. Try them ou in app version 1.1708.2431.0 or higher. Check the app store for updates. If you think there's more we can look into, please leave a comment! Read the Microsoft response for more info."


Thank you so much for helping improve Windows! If you’ve submitted a helpful feedback item that we fixed in the Fall Creators Update, we’ve also given you a three month LinkedIn Learning subscription, so you can continue to learn and grow.

Thank you for being a Windows Insider and keep that feedback coming!