John C. Griffith

United States

MVP Categories

Windows Insider MVP - 2018 - Present Microsoft MVP - Consumer Desktop - 2009-2016





I held various positions with several Fortune 100 Corporations during my executive career since college, involving US State Sales & Use Taxes (SSUT), filing tax returns and appeals, arguing court cases, and setting SSUT policy. I then migrated over to the systems side, having learned mainframe IBM COBOL VS II, JCL, CICS, VSAM, etc... and became the Director of SSUT for both Accounting and Systems. I semi-retired early in 2007, continuing to consult. Time had come to phase out the mainframes and to place the SSUT systems solely on PCs. My prior use of PCs and Windows was solely to gain access to tax and law DBs. I never needed to know Windows intimately before then. I then learned Vista and Windbg (BSODs) thoroughly, joined various tech forums and became a staff member, created a forum in 2012 (Sysnative Forums) and the rest is history. I was awarded Microsoft MVP in 2009; renewed until 2016; was awarded Windows Insider MVP in 2018. I continue to post at various forums and am a BSOD expert.