Sharing feedback

Detailed and actionable feedback is vital for making changes and improvements in Windows 10. Your feedback helps Microsoft to gauge product satisfaction and build quality, and is instrumental in guiding conversations about which changes to make within the operating system. To provide feedback, simply visit the Feedback Hub app in your Start menu. When providing feedback in the Feedback Hub, please review Send feedback to Microsoft with the Feedback Hub app and consider the following tips.

Check for existing feedback

Another user may have already shared the same feedback. If they have, please "upvote" the existing feedback instead of creating a duplicate submission and add comments that provide clarity to existing information or add scenarios to review.

Use a descriptive title when submitting new feedback

Descriptive and precise titles help Windows engineers to understand the issue being reported. An example of a good title: "Groove crashes with error 80041007 when connected to Bluetooth".

Select the correct category for the issue or request being submitted

When sharing feedback, logs and system settings may be collected depending on the type of feedback being submitted. For example, we may not be able to address a mobile data bug that is filed against the Health application because we would not receive the correct logs.

Provide feedback items one at a time

Providing feedback one item at a time ensures that the correct logs and data are received with each submission.

Provide a clear and thorough description of the issue

When sharing additional details, it is important to provide as much detail about the issue as possible. For example, include steps to reproduce the issue, attach screenshots (if applicable) and use the "reproduce issue" option if available for the type of feedback being submitted.

Provide additional information

Sharing additional information is extremely helpful in describing the issue and showing details of the experience being reported. There are several ways to do this: attach a screenshot, attach a file (such as a dxdiag, .cab files or other) and/or recreate the problem (Capture Mode). If you're able to reproduce the issue, then Capture Mode is extremely helpful because we can capture detailed logs while the issue is happening.

Share your submission

Issues with low numbers of feedback (upvotes) are not as likely to be addressed. After you submit, share your submission with other Insiders. They might be experiencing the same issue as you or want the same feature/change that you're suggesting.

Use Capture Mode

Capture Mode is an important method of bug re-creation that provides detailed logs for Windows engineering teams to review. To use this process, follow the steps below.

  1. Create a new feedback item
  2. Select "Problem"
  3. Fill in the title and detail fields as appropriate
  4. Select the appropriate category and subcategory drop-downs
  5. If applicable, you will see a section titled "Recreate the problem"
  6. Select the appropriate type of logging that you'd like to attach
  7. Click "Start Capture"
  8. [Reproduce the issue that you're sharing feedback about]
  9. Click "Stop Capture". You'll see a note that the log files are now attached to your feedback.
  10. Submit your feedback item. All appropriate logs and data will auto-attach to your submission.

Help us make Windows better in your language

Our Language Community App makes it quick and easy to suggest changes to Windows text translated in your language. Simply click on the text you want changed, enter your suggestion or vote for suggestions from other Windows Insiders and submit.

Download Language Community app from the Windows Store.

Requires Insider Preview build 16299 or above. Check Store description for languages supported. Use Windows displayed in your language, not in English (United States). Check your Windows display language at Region & language in Settings.