How to provide effective feedback

One of the benefits of being a Windows Insider is knowing that your feedback has the potential to change and improve Windows for users around the world.

To provide effective feedback, visit the Feedback Hub app in your Start menu.

Check for existing feedback

Before logging a new piece of feedback, check to see if someone else has already requested or reported something similar. Enter your feedback topic in the search bar on the main page of the Feedback Hub, or in the Feedback section. If you find a similar issue or suggestion, “upvote” and add comments that provide clarity to existing information or add scenarios to review.

Add new feedback

If you don’t find a problem or suggestion in the Feedback Hub that is similar to yours, add a new feedback item by clicking “+ Add new feedback” next to the Feedback Hub search bar. The more precise your feedback, the faster and more effectively our engineering teams can address it. These tips can help:

Use a descriptive title when submitting new feedback

Descriptive and precise titles help Windows engineers better understand the issue being reported. An example of a good title: “Groove crashes with error 80041007 when connected to Bluetooth.”

Provide a clear and thorough description of the issue

Provide as much detail about the issue as possible. For example, attach screenshots or files and use the “recreate my problem” option to record steps to reproduce the issue, if available for the type of feedback being submitted.

Link to similar feedback

Based on your feedback description, the system may return several suggested items in the “Add Similar Feedback” section of your feedback submission. You can choose to automatically link your feedback to that existing feedback or create a new item.

Provide feedback items one at a time

This ensures the correct logs and data are received with each submission.

Check the status of feedback

As Microsoft engineers process your feedback, you’ll see a banner appear on the feedback item confirming its status, including any changes made based on your feedback.

When the state changes, you and other Windows Insiders who have upvoted the feedback will receive a notification from the Feedback Hub about the change.

Note: You can track feedback submitted to the Feedback Hub by you and others in your organization (AAD account registration required). For details see: Windows Insider Program for Business—feedback.

For more help using the Feedback Hub, see Providing feedback.

Providing translation feedback

Thanks to everyone who submitted Windows translation suggestions through Feedback Hub’s Language Community tools. While the Language Community tools provide a unique way to submit translation feedback, we’ve decided to consolidate our efforts into a single approach. Moving forward, we ask you to submit translation feedback using the same process as for general Windows feedback.