Meet the Insider moving California’s police departments to the cloud

How can today’s tech work to better support police officers in the field and improve public safety? That’s the question that led Eric Wood, the technology manager for the Chula Vista Police Department, to play a key role in helping the entire state of California’s police departments make the leap to the cloud. Three years ago, Eric was a Microsoft….

Eric Wood

Meet the Insider boosting rural businesses with modern IT

Thanks to Doug Kinzinger, an IT professional and one of our latest Insiders in Action contest winners, 10 grain elevators across rural Illinois are doing more than storing bushels of grain. Rising 200 feet into the sky, the elevators will be helping a grain coop link its satellite offices with internet connectivity through fixed directional wireless technology. In rural areas across….

Doug Kinzinger 200 feet in the air, on a grain elevator

Meet the Insider practicing to make perfect art with digital inking

Hamilton Cline has spent years drawing his fellow Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) passengers on his morning commute. Hamilton, a computer programming teacher at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, has been drawing from a very young age. He started off copying drawings in comic books as a kid, and by the time he was 16, he was working….

Sketch of sleeping passengers