Check out the latest Windows Insider Leaderboard—October 2019

Every day, Windows Insiders like you give valuable feedback to help make Windows even better. We recognize extraordinary Insiders for their contributions from the last month on the Leaderboard below.

You can appear on the Leaderboard by giving feedback, garnering upvotes for your feedback, and completing quests—all done through the Feedback Hub.

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Most fixes Most bugs submitted Most repro logs
1. nelu b 1. Harry C 1. Bernd P
2. Harry C 2. Alfonso R 2. ling G
3. Alfonso R 3. The saint J 3. Brian H
4. The saint J 4. 博大 4. Viktor K
5. Aley W 5. Tomáš V 5. Adam S
6. 博大 6. Loke A 6. wawan w
7. Tomáš V 7. Adam S 7. Edwin R
8. wawan w 8. Brian H 8. Kevin C
9. Andrew T 9. ling G 9. Ismael M
10. David G 10. wawan w 10. Hot C


Most quests completed Most feedback integrated into a collection Longest build streak
1. Georges F 1. nelu b 1. cliff W
2. 周易晓刘 2. Celal Y 2. Creator X
3. Travis B 3. ling G 3. Verne M
4. Victor P 4. Alfonso R 4. Christopher M
5. Setcon D 5. 博大 5. Lawrence C
6. Μͷxaͷл Ͷ 6. wawan w 6. Ian D
7. Vladislav S 7. Dan S 7. Terry S
8. Johns G 8. Harry C 8. Александр П
9. Marian S 9. Ismael M 9. Ray M
10. 猛西 10. David A 10. Ed T

Here’s how you can be on the Leaderboard

Most Fixes. Submit the most pieces of feedback that result in a code change to Windows. Provide as much detail as you can that can help with fixing the issue—repro steps, screenshots, and report the issue from the device where it was encountered so logs can be collected.

Most Bugs Submitted. Submit the most pieces of feedback (primary submissions) that are promoted to a bug for review by our engineers.

Most Repro Logs. Submit the most pieces of feedback with repro logs, files, and screenshots attached—the more details we get, the better!

Most Quests Completed. Complete the most Quests in the Feedback Hub.

Most Feedback Integrated into a Collection. Submit the most high-quality feedback that is then grouped with similar feedback from other Insiders.

Longest Build Streak. Install the most consecutive Windows 10 Insider Preview builds in the Fast Ring. Qualifying builds can be found on Flight Hub.