We’d like to learn more about your online payment experience

Some Internet browsers, including Microsoft Edge, give you the option to save your credit card information so that it can be used to auto-complete online payment and order forms.1

If you’re familiar with this feature—even if you haven’t yet used it—we’d like to hear from you. The Microsoft Edge team is looking to improve your online payment experience and your feedback will help make it even better.

To gather your feedback, we’d like to invite you to an online research event. Organized by Microsoft User Research, this voluntary event is a unique opportunity to talk one-on-one with our Microsoft engineers and help guide future development.

Microsoft User Research: Storing credit card information in your browser
Wednesday, January 15 from 7:30 pm-9:30 pm PST

For more information―and to add the event to your calendar―simply visit the event page. At the time of the event, return to the page to join the session and you’ll be looped in as soon as our engineers are available. Each 1:1 session runs about 10-15 minutes.


We look forward to talking with you!

1. In Microsoft Edge, you can find this feature by clicking top-right to open Settings and go to Passwords & autofill. In the Microsoft Edge (Beta) go to Settings > Your Profile > Payment info.