Happy 5th Anniversary to the Windows Insider Program!

As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun together, shaping Windows. As the Windows Insider Program celebrates our 5-year anniversary, we‘d like to look back at our journey together. Many of you have been with us as Windows Insiders since day one, and even more of you have continued to join the millions of others in our family over the years. From our start in October 2014, you continue to be the most passionate advocates of Microsoft tech in every part of the world. (Including Antarctica!)

Thank you for joining us on this journey together. It’s been a privilege for our team to shape Windows 10 together with you. Your love of Windows 10 has been an inspiration to us all. Your dedication to the program and your feedback of the product experiences have helped influence how we build a meaningful Windows 10 for users across the globe. You are inspirational.

We’re honored to celebrate our Windows Insider Program 5-year anniversary milestone with you today and in the months to come. As a special thank you, we have a new Windows Insider Program anniversary wallpaper inspired by our Windows Insiders. Download it, share it, wallpaper it.

You’ve helped shape the Windows 10 we all know and love. Stay tuned for a few fun surprises in the near future.

Download the wallpaper.

By the numbers

Year after year, Insiders show up. You flight Preview builds, you share feedback in the Feedback Hub, you send thoughts through our social channels, and you grace us with your presence at Microsoft Events. You’ve blogged, you’ve vlogged, you’ve taught your communities, you’ve spoken at events to represent, you’ve written books, you’ve extended. Some of our favorite moments have been:

  • 10 makers were Insider participants in Microsoft’s One Week Hackathon to do great things.
  • 10 inspiring student Insiders received our Grace Hopper Award in both 2018 and 2019.
  • 11 bug bashes participated in by Insider advocates.
  • 45 magnificent entrepreneurs were awarded Insider fellowships as part of Insider4Good.
  • 50+ podcasts and webcasts joined by Insiders for in-depth conversations.
  • 100+ global events attended by Insiders.
  • 158 Windows Insider MVPs from 38 countries fostering a sense of community.
  • Numerous hours connecting with us and each other on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Hundreds of Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds installed by Insiders.
  • Countless Windows 10 events hosted by Insiders in your own countries.

Together, we are limitless. Thank you for helping us build a close-knit community that elevates the Windows Insider Program beyond a traditional preview program. Meeting you, wherever, whenever, continues to be inspirational to us.

What have been some of your favorite moments? Join us in celebrating on social media by using the hashtag #WIPTurns5. We can’t wait to see what the next 5 years brings!

Dona and the Windows Insider team with Insiders around the world at events like the Insider Dev Tour, the One Week Hackathon, Microsoft Build, the MVP Summit, and the Grace Hopper Conference.