Microsoft Support now available for Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds

We have great news! Windows Insider Program for Business customers can now request Microsoft Support for Windows 10 Version 1909 (19H2) builds in the Release Preview and Slow rings.1

If you run into a severe issue that prevents you or other users in your organization from using a device or compromises security or personal data, you can use our online form to request assistance directly from Microsoft Support—at no cost to you:

Fill out the online support request form

How to use the form to submit a support request for 19H2 builds:

  1. Open the online form.
  2. On the Product Selection page, select Next, since the dropdown options are pre-selected for you. (Under Select the Product version, Windows Client v1909 Release Preview—WIPfB applies to both the Release Preview and Slow rings.)
  3. On the Issue Details page, under Please enter issue title, enter your company’s name in brackets, followed by an issue title, like [Company Name] New XXXX feature unusable after XXXX. Under Provide a brief description, give the details of the problem and the steps you took to experience the problem.
  4. On the Support Plan page, select Next, since the plan is pre-selected.
  5. On the Severity page, choose between using your email or phone for communicating with Microsoft Support.
  6. On the Contact Information page, update your contact card with the email or phone number you want Microsoft Support to use when contacting you.
  7. On the Review page, review your support request summary, make changes as needed, and then submit.

This is just one more benefit of the Windows Insider Program for Business. Find more details about the program now.




  1. This is a pilot Microsoft Support program and is not covered under the standard Microsoft Customer Support Service Agreement. This Microsoft Support program only applies to the Windows 10 1909 Insider Preview Build in the Release Preview and Slow rings and does not apply to Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds in the Fast ring.