Windows Insider Program Podcasts

The Windows Insider Team is taking to the airwaves to share all things Windows, Insider community, and beyond!

The Only Constant Is Change

Mai 6, 2020

In this month’s episode of the podcast, we’re looking at how the Windows Insider Program is continuing to evolve with the new leader of our program, Amanda Langowski. Get a sneak peek at where the program is headed next, the value of flighting and our community, and how your feedback makes a difference.

Then we’re joined by Brandon LeBlanc to take a look at how our team is adjusting to working from home, our favorite tools, and a few recommended tips and tricks.

In Case of Hassles, Break Glass

April 1, 2020

In this month’s minisode of the Windows Insider Podcast, we’re revisiting the Windows Hassles program, how it works, and what they’re currently working on with its leader, Amy Kruzick.

Troubleshooting Technology Tomorrow and Today

März 4, 2020

This month, we’re digging into troubleshooting, from how Microsoft is doing it on a large scale with Microsoft News to how you can do it as a Windows Insider. First, we’re joined by Ben Rudolph, the director of Microsoft News to look at how Microsoft is driving solutions through technology in the field of journalism.

Then we’re joined by Christopher Caulfield and Emma Saboureau to take a look at the tools available for you to troubleshoot your own devices and how Insiders can get started.

What’s next for the Windows Insider Program

Februar 5, 2020

In this episode, we’re looking at what’s coming for the Windows Insider Program. First, we’re talking about the future of the program and our goals for the new year with Ian Todd, who’s helping guide us while we search for new leadership.

Then, we take a look behind the scenes at how the podcast gets made and at what’s next for the program’s marketing content with Allison Shields, our team’s content expert.

Business or Personal? A Little Bit of Both.

Dezember 11, 2019

In this episode, we’re looking to the future with an important feature announced at Microsoft Ignite, the Update Staging Lab and a product that’s always searching for what’s next—Bing.

First, we’re joined by Raji Rajagopalan and Rama Shastri to talk about how their team’s new service, Update Staging Lab, which will help independent software vendors validate their app’s compatibility with Windows faster. Then, Michael Kroll joins us to talk about Bing’s content strategy, the Bing Insider Program, Microsoft Rewards, and the future of search.

The Quest for Inclusive Technology

November 6, 2019

In this episode, we’re talking about Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion in tech. First, we’re joined by Raji Rajagopalan and some of her new engineers at the new Africa Development Center in Lagos, Nigeria to talk about Microsoft’s investment in Africa. 

Then we’re joined by Jennifer Gentleman, a partner of the program who recently joined our inspirational Grace Hopper Awardees at this year’s Grace Hopper Celebration. Finally, we’re getting ready to see Insiders at Microsoft Ignite 2019! 

Ghosts of WIP Past, Present and Future

Oktober 3, 2019

Happy 5th anniversary to the Windows Insider Program! In honor of this celebration, we’re bringing you a special super-episode that journeys through the years. Think of it as our version of The Christmas Carol. 

First, we’re joined by Brandon LeBlanc of the Windows Insider Program, who helps us take a look back at where the program started and how far it’s come. Then, Amanda Langowski from flighting joins us as the ghost of WIP present to take about the current state of the program. And finally, Windows Insider and .NET developer Jeremy Sinclair joins us as the ghost of WIP future to talk about what’s next.  

Join our host Jason Howard as he proves he has a heart and gives thanks for all our Insiders! 

Return of the Interns

September 4, 2019

Internships at Microsoft can be lifechanging opportunities. In this two-part episode of the Windows Insider Podcast, our host Jason invites in interns he’s had the privilege of interviewing and staying in touch with. Chantale Ninah walks us through her role as a project manager intern for machine translation. 

Then we’re joined by Dasha Pushkareva, a returning program manager intern for the Microsoft Managed Desktop team, who talks to us about the culture at Microsoft, her advice for new interns, and the future of the industry.   

Your Career Path to the Future

August 7, 2019

Start the next phase of your career with advice from Microsoft mentors in this two-part episode of the Windows Insider Podcast, plus learn more about how you can start mentoring others. Jason chats with Anita Varghese, a mentor from the Microsoft data and analytics team, about the critical skills you need to succeed in any industry and how mentorship can help your career. 

Then we’re joined by Mike Pell, a mentor and envisioneer with the Microsoft Garage, to talk about the importance of creativity and diversity while problem solving and building new technology. 

Gaming (Are You Not Entertained?!)

Juli 3, 2019

Learn more about accessibility in gaming and how when everybody plays, we all win in this two-part episode of the Windows Insider Podcast. Jason chats with Tara Voelker, a program manager at Mixer about gaming for everyone, the Game Accessibility Conference, the evolution of Mixer, and the future of streaming.  

Then we get together with Gabi Michel, the program manager behind the Xbox Adaptive Controller. She takes us through how her team developed the controller, Microsoft’s commitment to accessibility, and how the controller’s marketing was so impactful.