Meet the Insider uniting art and computer science

Mónica Ceisel, a Windows Insider who will graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison as a computer science major and art minor soon, loves finding a way to bring art and technology together. “We recently built a 3D, virtual reality game,” she said. “I love storytelling, animation, and cartoons. Being a computer science and art student, I’ve found a great way to….

Mónica Ceisel

Meet the Insider automating his way to a smarter home

Daniel Schnabel de Barros, a Windows Insider and 2018 Insiders2Campus winner, is a software developer by day. By night, he channels Tony Stark by enhancing his home with automation. As a kid, Daniel was inspired by a neighbor who was ahead of his time. “One of the very first inventions that impressed me was his toilet. He had the toilet….

Daniel Schnabel de Barros in front of his computer.

Meet the Insider making workplaces more accessible for those with visual impairments

Franziska Sgoff was riding the train one morning when a woman sitting behind her noticed the unique way that Franzi was using her phone—with different gestures and a voice-to-text feature that enabled her to send text messages. Franzi has been blind since birth and works in Germany as a commercial correspondent and writer in English and French. The woman struck….

Photo of

Meet the Insider succeeding in computer science with guts, growth, and grit

“I didn’t really have a community, and it was so cool to see people connecting with one another to help each other learn skills and create awesome things,” Chineye Emeghara said, describing how she first discovered her interest in computer science through a Reddit thread. Chineye, a Windows Insider and recent winner of our 2018 Grace Hopper Award, is currently a….

Photo of Chineye Emeghara.

Meet the Insiders supporting a high-tech hunt for hidden pirate treasure

This story actually starts over 200 years ago on a small island off Nova Scotia, Canada. In 1799, a deep, multi-level shaft was found on the shores of Oak Island, a known hideout for pirates. More digging uncovered a mysterious stone tablet that hinted at riches below. That tablet would inspire treasure hunters, including President Roosevelt and other famous investors,….

Kognitiv Spark employee using Hololense.

Meet the Insider helping his high school auditorium become smarter

Nothing will stop Martijn Dendooven, a Windows Insider from Belgium, from pursuing his passion for tech. Currently 18 years old, he began teaching himself coding when he was 15 and successfully got his high school to add computer science courses. He focuses on solving problems with technology, and he’s currently working on a project that will help teachers manage the….

Hand-drawn chart showing AV connections.

Meet the Insider advocating for users with ADHD

As an IT professional, Mark Szili helps support Windows 10 on 35,000 desktops for the State Government of Victoria, Australia. He’s also living with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and is passionate about advocating for better education and technology tools through the group he co-founded, ADHD Melbourne. “One of the biggest myths about ADHD is that it’s a deficit of….

Mark Szili and son

Improving Search Indexer

Since our last post about Windows Search, many Windows Insiders have mentioned problems finding files on their PC, and our team knew we wanted to investigate. As you all pointed out, search was limited to documents, pictures, videos, and desktop folders. We’re responding to this feedback with some key updates. So how has Windows Search gotten to where it’s at….