Building Digital Libraries in Indian Slums

Schoolchildren smile at camera

Many children in Indian slum schools never see a computer. Their homes don’t have one, and their schools don’t have one. Their learning is based on memorization and they are not trained on practical technical skills.

Three AMAZING high school girls — two in the United States and one in Hong Kong — are on a mission to change that.

Aishwarya Suresh, Megha Sreekanth, and Naina Mishra are 16-year old girls — ardent technologists and Windows users – with a dream to bring technology for the VERY FIRST TIME to poor schoolchildren in Bangalore. The girls’ idea is simple: start with 14 community schools in Bangalore. Bring one Internet-connected computer that all kids can access to each school. Equip them with tech books and supplies. Connect these kids and their teachers with a network of tech-savvy mentors who can train and teach them. Slowly expand to add more devices, more schools and more areas.

Just having one computer per school can open many doors for these kids. Accessing a world of information not available to them before, learning to create technology, using applications that can help them paint/write/make things — all of this suddenly becomes possible. They acquire new skills that can help them reach bigger heights.

The girls feel this could be these kids’ path to a much brighter tomorrow. They have set up a gofundme link to collect funds to make this possible. They hope to be able to buy inexpensive Windows devices for each of these schools. The triad needs just a few hundred dollars more to achieve their goal. Please donate and make their dream possible.

But MOST IMPORTANTLY: If you are an insider in India and would like to help mentor these kids, please contact us at We need you all to make this world a better place.