Richard Burgess

United Kingdom


Windows Insider MVP 2019 to present


Windows Update, Software Development, Office Excel




I specialise in Windows Update, having researched extensively over many years how to repair common and uncommon failures/error codes from Windows Vista through to Windows 10. In 2013 I founded an Academy of Windows Update at Sysnative Forums to write down and subsequently to teach everything I had learned. I continue to teach at Sysnative to this day. Furthermore, I have developed a flagship tool - SFCFix - that aims to diagnose and fix, sometimes completely automatically, common Windows Update errors which are not handled by SFC / DISM. SFCFix has hundreds of thousands of downloads. Finally, I have a great passion for technologies of all sorts, with knowledge in a very wide range of areas ranging from programming, kernel mode debugging, software security and Microsoft Office (especially Excel). Professionally, I have a master's degree in Mathematics where I studied the application of quantum computers to computational group theory, and I am now training to be an accountant within the Treasury team at a well-known retail/commercial bank in London.