Gaétan Lacourse Jr.



2009 - 2010 Windows Desktop Experience MVP2011 - 2014 Windows Expert Consumer MVP 2015 Windows Experience MVP2016 - present Windows Insider MVP


Microsoft Expression Windows Phone 8.1 Skype Office 2016


French, English


I form personne for more careful in Web because the infection of rogue and other malware is increase. I help person for update software because many many person have very old software and very risk for infection. Many infections could be avoided if people would update their software. I Help for secure Wi-Fi router, Linksys, Dlink or other. I trying found de bug for help for stabilities. Windows Insider and other. I help software authors disinfection (AdwCleaner), (ZHPDiag) and other things indicating their offending to improve detection.

Technische Informationen

School - MS Works 5