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A preview of what's next for Windows

Windows Insider Preview is here today, and we’re already working on the next version to bring you more great features. Join the Windows Insider Program to make sure you get all the new features that are on the way. If you’re okay with a moving target and don’t want to miss out on the latest stuff, keep reading. Insider Preview could be just your thing.

System requirements

For the latest system requirements, check out the Windows 10 Specifications page.

To be eligible for the Windows 10 Upgrade Offer, you must be using a qualified, genuine Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 device. This can include a device you already own. Some hardware/software requirements apply and feature availability may vary by device and market. Devices must be connected to the Internet and have Windows Update enabled. Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8.1 Update required. Windows 10 is automatically updated. Additional requirements may apply over time for updates. For details, see How to upgrade to Windows 10.

Things to keep in mind

Unexpected PC crashes could damage or even delete your files, so you should back up everything. Some printers and other hardware might not work, and some software might not install or work correctly, including antivirus or security programs. You might also have trouble connecting to home or corporate networks.

Some installed apps might not yet work as expected or might not be available in your country or region. For example, Cortana is currently only available in English (United States), English (United Kingdom), Chinese (Simplified), German (Germany), French (France), Italian, and Spanish (Spain). To be able to use Cortana, the country or region for your system must be set to one of the available languages, and you also need to have installed that language's version of Insider Preview. In addition, the Cortana features that are available in one language might be different from those that are available in another.

Also, if your PC runs into problems, Microsoft will likely examine your system files. If the privacy of your system files is a concern, consider using a different PC. For more info, read our privacy statement.

What does it work with?

Insider Preview should work with the same devices and programs that work with Windows 8.1, but you might need to update or reinstall some of them.

Drivers for basic functions like storage, networking, input, and display come with Windows. These drivers allow you to complete the Windows installation and connect to the Internet. You might be able to get more drivers from Windows Update.

If you use a mouse and keyboard

Your apps and devices should work as expected, though of course there will be exceptions. We’d love to know what you think about how the new Windows works with mouse and keyboard and whether it provides the best of new and familiar functionality for Windows and apps.

If you have a touch PC

Insider Preview works with touch, but some things will be rough and unfinished. More touch-friendly improvements are on the way. In the meantime, let us know what it’s like to interact with Windows and apps in the preview.


Insider Preview is available in the following languages: English (United States), English (United Kingdom), Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Portuguese (Brazilian), Japanese, Russian, German, French, French (Canada), Korean, Italian, Spanish, Spanish (Latin America), Swedish, Finnish, Turkish, Arabic, Dutch, Czech, Polish, Thai, Catalan, Hindi, and Vietnamese.


    • If your Windows build is not in one of the available languages, you will not receive Insider Preview builds.

    • Hindi, Catalan, and Vietnamese can only be installed as a language pack over supported base languages. To learn how to install a language pack, see How to add an input language to your PC.

    • If you're running Windows 8.1, Windows 8, or Windows 7 and your system language isn't one of the available languages listed previously, you can only keep your personal files when you upgrade. You won't be able to keep your apps or Windows settings.

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Windows Insider Preview may be substantially modified before it’s commercially released. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, with respect to the information provided here. Some product features and functionality may require additional hardware or software.

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